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Star-Trek-TNG_510x317I saw that the entire series Star Trek: The Next Generation is now available on Netflix streaming. I’m not that into the show, but I remember being fascinated with the ideas about the nature of androids presented in the show. So, I was wondering which episodes center around the character Data. I thought this might be kind’ve a long shot to Google but given the level of knowledge some people enjoy collecting regarding Star Trek, I thought it might be worth trying. Lo and behold, I was right. Google link number five is a post on the “Trekkie Board” at, posing this very same question. The asker, user-named “Ms. Data,” posted at 10:01 PM, followed by a plea for help at 1:31AM the same night. “Come on people! I need answers!!!” Not even an hour later, “DeannaTRiker,” apparently the third-shifter on duty, replies with a concise list of episodes focusing on Data, organized by season and including films. Thanks, Trekkies.

I like to imagine that Ms.Data is a 20-something woman who finds Data extremely sexually attractive. In a late-night heat of fantasy involving her favorite android, she logs on to the Trekkie Board and frantically poses her question, a desperate plea for help, and then isn’t heard from until the next afternoon, with a “Thank you SOOO much! ;-)” at 12:37PM.

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