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securing WordPress

Part of securing a WordPress installation is checking up on your file permissions. In order to prevent overwriting by malicious code, limit the permissions to read-only except where necessary. Here’s a good start: Relative Path Suggested permissions / 0755 /wp-admin

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essential and useful WordPress plugins I’ve tested and used

After installing and removing zillions of them, here are my faves: BJ Lazy Load Lazy loads images and other embedded media so that they are not sent to the client until the client scrolls near it. Saves bandwidth and makes

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firing background tasks in PHP

Background case is a collection of near-real-time information about a metropolitan area. Traffic, weather, parking lot usage, and loads of web cam images are displayed on one page. Data come from a wide variety of sources: images come from

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Mac epoch?

While installing the Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) update, I noticed that the temporary file ( /Applications/Mac OS X Mavericks.appdownload ) created while the update “app” downloads has the creation date set to January 24th, 1984, the day of the initial Macintosh release.

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