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the battle of donetsk airport over time

In the following series of images I explore the 2014-2015 Battle of Donetsk Airport from Google Earth flyovers.

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happy? new year

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presidential trivia motivation

Here are some inspirational facts about US Presidents!

Draw your workout inspiration from sixth President John Quincy Adams, who was known for taking nude early morning swims in the Potomac River. #presidentialtriviamotivation

Don’t be President Taft, the fattest president who topped out over 300 pounds. He had the White House bath tub replaced after he got stuck in it. However, he is also the only president who also served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, so it never seemed to hold him back! #presidentialtriviamotivation

Be more committed than James K Polk (#11). He ran for president on a promise not to run for a second term, a pledge he kept.

You know who else was bad ass? Millard Fillmore (#13). He was once captured by pirates, lived among them for months, and then over threw the ship and commandeered that shit back to Boston harbor. The pirates were hanged. And Millard became president.

Get sexy to snag a hunky bachelor, like fifteenth president James Buchanan, the only president to remain single his entire life. Oh, yeah…(Grover Cleveland was initially single but got married in June after taking office.) Of course there are rumors Buchanan was gay. There is actually a case to be made that he had a love affair with William Rufus King, the only unmarried Vice President. #presidentialtriviamotivation

The harder you work out, the harder you can live it up. Like 17th president Andrew Jackson. He was noticeably drunk during his inauguration speech. No wonder he is only one of two presidents to be successfully impeached. He is also arguably the worst president in history and a racist douchbag. Pretty much.

If you, on the other hand, are more like Rutherford B. Hayes, however, you may need to loosen up. He banned alcohol from the White House to get support of the Prohibitionists (though history of course blames the woman. his wife is known as Lemonade Lucy and though she did frown upon alcohol, but it was really the dude making political moves that made the decision. or so i hear). So, that’s not the weirdest thing about Rutherford B. Hayes, though. He is a hero is Paraguay. A real hero. He signed some treaty that granted them most of their land, and they celebrate him like he is Abraham Lincoln. The have towns named for him, a museum, a freaking holiday. Asuncion, the capital city, named its soccer team “Presidente Hayes Soccer Club.” Crazy, right?

Working it too hard? Slow down, fella, or you’ll end up like US Grant (#18) who once got a speeding ticket. On his horse.

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email the entire Wisconsin state legislature if you want

Ever wanted to send a message to every Wisconsin state senator and representative in the legislature? Here are their email addresses:

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life is like a dream right now


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when someone asks you if you’re a god…

Dialogue from Ghostbusters (1984):
Gozer: Are you a god?
Stantz: No.
Gozer: Then… die! [Lightning flies from her fingers, driving the Ghostbusters to the edge of the roof and almost off]
Winston: Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “YES!”

French explorer Jean Nicolet (1598-1642) was the first European to see Wisconsin. Nicolet and seven companions traveled from Quebec, stopping at the shores of what is now Green Bay. Nicolet expected to encounter Asian peoples. He donned a Chinese damask robe to greet them but met, instead, a small group of Menomonee Indians. Believing that Nicolet was a son of the gods, the Menomonee celebrated with a great feast in his honor. (Information from the Wisconsin Historical Society)

What an impression this made on Native Americans. In paintings of this encounter, Nicolet appears to be blazing away with his pistols. How like the next 200 years that was.

The Landfall of Jean Nicolet by Edwin Willard Deming, 1904

The Landfall of Jean Nicolet by Edwin Willard Deming, 1904

Jean Nicolet, landing at the Bay of Green Bay. Painted by Franz Rohrbeck in 1910

Jean Nicolet, landing at the Bay of Green Bay by Franz Rohrbeck, 1910

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Mediterranean blockade

You can really see the impact of regional politics when comparing the sea ports on the Mediterranean Sea at Ashdod, Israel and Gaza, occupied territory. These ports are just a short distance from each other. You can see plenty of freight coming and going in Israel, whereas the port in Gaza is completely empty due to the illegal imposition of an Israeli military blockade. This is crippling to society and economy in Gaza, where the lack of imported goods makes daily life difficult for 1.6 million people. Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention specifically prohibits this kind of  collective punishment.


Israeli port at Ashdod


Port at Gaza, occupied territory

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