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Honda Si love & history lesson

Si badge

“Si” badge in the front grille of a contemporary Honda Civic.

The “Si” ( originally indicating “Sport injected”) is a trim of the Civic line from Honda. It’s Honda’s designation that the vehicle has upgraded performance characteristics compared to the other trims (LX, DX, EX, etc.). They often had different, more powerful engines installed from the factory, along with stiffer suspension and different tires for improved handling. The Si model followed the same body designs and general engineering as the other Civic models. This article summarizes the Si’s heritage and reviews the changes over the years.

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build your own Dougal

I’ve had my entire genome sequenced. Here, you can download me as an 8MB ZIP file. I hereby release my source code into the public domain. Happy replicating!


You can also listen to it.

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megacities are taking over

The book The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future by Laurence C. Smith, along with commentary from, explain how more people now live in cities than in rural areas, and speculates on our future as urban creatures…

The world is now more urban than rural, and the century of the megacity has begun. In 1950, there were two cities with a population of more than ten million. By 1975, there were three. As of 2007, there were nineteen, and by 2025, the United Nations estimates that there will be twenty-seven. There are ninety cities in China alone that have a population of greater than one million.
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