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securing WordPress

Part of securing a WordPress installation is checking up on your file permissions. In order to prevent overwriting by malicious code, limit the permissions to read-only except where necessary. Here’s a good start: Relative Path Suggested permissions / 0755 /wp-admin

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you had me at Dostoevsky

“Yes, I love Dostoevsky, both my supervisor and I love him.”

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enjoy “clean” air while you can…

The new normal way to breathe outside? Such an attractive respirator for a jog in the park:

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happy? new year

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an assortment of images that struck me in 2016

Click image to show detail. Moscow

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email the entire Wisconsin state legislature if you want

Ever wanted to send a message to every Wisconsin state senator and representative in the legislature? Here are their email addresses:

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results of a recent wardrive

During a recent Sunday afternoon cruise, I collected the names and locations of all the WiFi routers in range of my car. Some of the access point names are creative, listed here. (I omitted the many openly vulgar ones one would

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life is like a dream right now

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